When everything goes wrong at the same time.

Have you ever been stuck in a horrible situation where you have lost all hope, ready to throw the towel, you have no more strength to fight and you wanna get lost in your own island without looking back? You are ready to say ” A la fregada” This thought crossed my mind 6 years ago. My name is Olivia Illescas, today I’m gonna talk about how to survive a tough situation in your life  
It was 2012, I was still living with my family: mom, stepdad and sister. 
I was in college living in a small town called Silao and study college in Leon. It was very tiring commuting every day, but I got used to it. Out of nowhere everything started going extremely wrong. I got mugged, my house was broken in, my sister got fired from her job, and my mom started to get really sick. She had a tumor.
Check out my video to watch the whole story.