Saranghae Skincare Review

This year is about big changes. Death of a relative, moving to a new house, new job, a special person in my life and the biggest change: me.
 Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
I knew that I needed to take action, to receive all these new experiences and changes in my life. It inspired a new me. Olivia 4.0
My skin was in a rough patch until I discovered Love Saranghae Skincare routine. Here is where my love story begins.
Life before Love Saranghae 
My skin was not in its best place. A girl with PCOS, and hormones messing up with my body, my skin was blotchy, with some acne marks. For some strange reason, at my moms funeral, my neck got full of acne. Stress+hormones. Not the best scenario for my face.
I went to the derm and gave me some glycolic acid and neutral soap for my face.
My face got ok, but it wasn’t wow. My skin kinda evened out, but it felt dull and dry (especially in my cheeks) and really oily in
my t-zone.

How Love Saranghae changed my skin
My skin needed some pampering and love. Months passed away and I recently discovered Saranghae’s Five-Step Skin Care Routine.  Five Steps really? Sounds complicated, but I was surprised at how well it fitted into my routine. As a brand designer, things can get crazy in a split of a second and this skincare has adapted well into my lifestyle. I was blown away with the results. No wonder why, its a powerbomb of botanical ingredients that are ready to heal, regenerate and protect your skin. BOOM!
What do you expect?
Saranghae’s Five-Step Skin Care Routine is made of 5 products each representing a step.
Unboxinv Love Saranghae
For the first time in my life, my face felt clean but moisturized at the same time. How is that even possible?
The smell. Incredible. Feels and smells luxurious. Now I know why. This cleanser has truffle extract and gold.
Truffle helps strengthen cell walls and gold transport oxygen cells.
Here come the healing and a kick of anti-aging properties. With this serum, it’s like you were giving your skin vitamin supplements. With all the stress that we handle, our skin produces free radicals, which are substances that are bad for our skin.
But with the organic Sang Hwan mushroom in the formula, kicks the butt off radicals, by providing anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties (AKA major boost to your skin).
When I apply it, my skin feels renewed and happy.
An extra touch of moisturizing. To be honest I was little scared that the extra moisturizing was gonna make me break out or make my face super shiny. But it moisturizes the right way, making my skin feel fresh, soft and alive without a single break out and shine. Ginseng is my new BFF.
Taking care of your eyes is a step you can’t forget. I can’t complain about my eyes I don’t have super dark circles or wrinkles (yet). I’m actually surprised, countless nights looking at a screen. But prevention is the key.
Not only, is a quick way to relax and forget about the world, its the last step to get glowing skin.
Besides that, the first time I tried I had the sneezes, (allergy) because of changing season. I left my mask on,
and the amazing smell of it, helped my nose cleared up. -Extra official benefit.
After trying out the skincare routine, my skin feels:
  • Glowy
  • Break out free
  • Super soft
  • Even out skin color
  • My makeup application looks better
  • My skin smells great
  • It’s an affordable Korean skincare routine
  • Love the packaging (luxury) and overall appearance
  • For the results vs. value, it’s a great solution
  • For the first time, I’m happy with the appearance of my face.
  • I just turned 29 and my face couldn’t look better.
My face Before:

My face after:

-You can buy the products separately, or buy the Luna Bundle (3 products) or the Complete Five Step Bundle or a VIP membership and save extra money.
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Free shipping
-Botanical organic ingredients
-I would incorporate a sunscreen into their line, for those girls that live in super sunny cities.
-Extend to other countries (the USA and Canada only for the moment).

About Saranghae:

Saranghae is an award-winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin.  Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products have helped them to become the fastest growing Korean skincare brand in the United States.

For more information visit:, or any one of their social media sites on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest or YouTube.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free for review. All reviews are my fair and honest opinion. For more information, please see my Disclosures page.

Olivia Illescas is a brand designer/content creator that loves to talk about things that make girl boss life easier. 

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